This page is for students to link to various other webpages. Some may help them complete their work, some are additional resources and some are fun learning experiences.

7th Grade May Project Link- Zlata's Diary

Five Things:Elements of Fiction Lyrics available at

Printable Writing Frames
Flipchart for Prefixes / Suffixes Prefixes.flp Greek/Latin Affixes GreekLatinAffixes.flp Affixes Affixes.flpPrefixes (list with meanings ) Game

Prefixes' Quiz (3 levels) Suffixes' Quiz (3 levels) Downloadable PowerPoints
PHEAA- Discover Yourself

Career and learning style quizzes

Instructions for our first writing assignment- "I AM" poem

Science Activity #1

Science Power Point Info

Literacy Practice Site-

Great Depression Webquest

Science Link

Science Webquest

Literacy Activity- 10/30/09

Literacy Activity- 11/13/09

What to do when I finish my work? Practice for PSSA!